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Texts and Traditions is a VCE study based on the analysis and understanding of the texts of religious traditions. Schools from Christian, Jewish and Islamic backgrounds are involved in the teaching of this study. Unit 1 looks at narrative and story as a part of a developing tradition of belief; Unit 2 has a focus on how texts play a part in a tradition's understanding of issues and the way believers should respond to particular issues. Units 3 and 4 are based on the study of one of the following texts: The Gospel of John, the books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, the Gospel of Luke or the Qur'an. Selected passages from these books are analysed in depth in the light of current scholarship.

VATTT is an organisation which has, as its main focus, the promotion of Texts and Traditions and the support of teachers in the teaching of T&T. Its committee is made up of teachers of the subject from across the traditions involved in the study. It is hoped that the organisation, and this website, might be of some use to both teachers and students in their attempts to come to a deeper understanding of the scriptures.

Please note that Texts and Traditions has a new study design starting in 2023. Please go to the VCAA Website for all details.

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